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Tiny’s Botched Butt ‘Deflates’ In Disturbing Viral Video



T.I’s Wife Tiny’s Backside ‘Deflates’ In Disturbing Viral Video: ‘It Exploded’

T.I’s Wife Tiny’s Booty ‘Deflates’ In Disturbing Viral Video: ‘It Exploded’

Rapper T.I’s wife Tiny Harris is trending on social media today, after a new video appears to show her butt deflate as she dances. It all started when Tiny’s friend posted a video of the reality star dancing with a group of gal pals.

In the video, Tiny is seen gyrating her hips, and her surgically enhanced backside is seen swaying back and forth in an unnatural manner.

Then, when Tiny stops moving, her butt drops – as if it is deflated – and falls to the middle of her hamstrings. The video quickly went viral, and shocked fans of the reality star. One fan claimed that her butt appeared to ‘explode’.

Tiny and TI are in the midst of a career crisis, after the couple was accused of allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting multiple women. Both Tiny and TI have denied the accusations, and the couple are currently facing lawsuits from their alleged accusers.

Recently, Tiny and her friend Shekinah went at it with Shekinah saying Tiny was in the room with her telling her what to say when she claimed that Sabrina Peterson helped Tiny and T.I. recruit women for their bedroom activities.

In response, Tiny called Shekinah “a dizzy b*tch.”


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