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Kevin Samuels High School Yearbook Picture Suggests He’s Gay



Old Pics Suggest 'Relationship Expert' Kevin Samuels May Be Gay

Old Pics Suggest ‘Relationship Expert’ Kevin Samuels May Be Gay

Kevin Samuels, the controversial Youtube relationship expert, is trending on social media this morning. Kevin has built a huge following on Youtube, after producing videos that harshly criticize Black women – and claim that they have unrealistic expectations in relationships.

Well now Kevin – who currently lives in Atlanta – is trending after an old high school picture of him has leaked. And the image has many speculating that Kevin may be secretly gay.

It’s not just the image that has people talking – it’s how he described himself.

Old Pics Suggest 'Relationship Expert' Kevin Samuels May Be Gay

Below the image, which was from Kevin’s high school yearbook – Kevin first describes himself by his astrological sign (A “Pisces”) and said he is “Unique.”  Interesting….

He also added that he enjoys “dancing, clothes, and meeting people” and was a cheerleader. Kevin was an active member of the Pep Club and according to the American dictionary the purpose of the Pep Club is “to promote school spirit by attending, cheering at, and publicizing games.”

In the photo, Kevin also has a Jheri curl and had a very LGBT-eque smile and pose, according to people on Twitter.

Old Pics Suggest 'Relationship Expert' Kevin Samuels May Be Gay

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