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Hit-Boy Hints At Jay-Z & Nas Collaboration Album



Hit-Boy Teases Jay-Z & Nas Collaboration Album

Hit-Boy Teases Jay-Z & Nas Collaboration Album On Twitter

Jay Z and Nas have joined forces on number of tracks, having previously united on “Black Republicans,” “Success,” and Ludacris’ underrated “I Do It For Hip-Hop.”

Most recently, the rap icons reunited on DJ Khaled’s “Sorry Not Sorry,” where they proceeded to stage a masterclass on investment bars.

In fact, the sheer spectacle of seeing the two business-minded emcees uniting once more seemed to captivate the entire rap game, a testament to the respect that Hov and Nas have earned from their peers.

Hit-Boy Teases Jay-Z & Nas Collaboration Album On Twitter

In the wake of “Sorry Not Sorry,” which continues to receive acclaim following its release on Friday, many have been openly hoping to see Nas and HOV deem the momentum to be an intriguing business opportunity.

DJ Khaled, who quarterbacked their latest link-up and likely has the sway to keep them coming, suggested his desire to see a full album manifest.

Hit-Boy, who recently won a Grammy for his work producing Nas’ King’s Disease album, also threw his hat in the race.

“Who want to see it,” he inquires, a lightbulb emoji offering hope that he’s genuinely considering the prospect of stepping up.

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