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Foogiano Sentenced To Five Years In Jail



Rapper Foogiano Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison

Rapper Foogiano Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison

Back in March, wanted rapper and Gucci Mane affiliate, Foogiano, was arrested by the cops after being on the run. The 1017 Records rapper was taken into custody at the Shelby County Jail where he was charged with being a fugitive from justice.

In December, a warrant was placed for his arrest. Foogiano was placed on probation after being convicted of a 2015 burglary.

According to The Herald-Journal, he was also arrested earlier for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Foogiano posted his $50,000 bail following a previous arrest in December for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.


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Foogiano, who’s also Renni Rucci’s boyfriend was required to wear it as part of his bail requirements but he burned it off and threw the tracker out on the side of a highway in Barrow County.

However, he didn’t charge his ankle monitor and it went dead. He was untraceable for several hours. The ankle monitor was charged later that day but officers received an alert that the ankle monitor was being tampered with.

At the time, it was said the Foogiano was on the run before he got nabbed by the cops. Music executive Boomman announced the news about his sentencing on Twitter.

“Green County Just Gave @FoogianoDaMayor 5 years for cutting an ankle monitor for a gun charge that wasn’t his and was claimed by some one else this is beyond crazy,” he wrote in the tweet. “We have to do something about this!”

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