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IG Model Rushed To ICU After Butt Falls Off Leaking – Video



Model's Butt Implants Leaks After Falling Off 

Model’s Butt Implants Leaks After Falling Off

A popular Instagram model from Atlanta was reportedly rushed to the intensive care unit, after her butt appears to have “fallen off.”

According to social media reports, the beautiful model was recently taken to the hospital, after a huge chunk of her butt just “fell off.”

The beautiful woman later posted a video, showing her in the hospital – with a gigantic open wound on the side of her buttocks.

While the model didn’t specify what happened, many on social media are speculating that her butt “falling off” may have been related to a botched butt augmentation procedure.

Butt augmentation surgery is now the most popular cosmetic procedure for Black and Latinx women. Many doctors are able to successfully perform butt augmentation, but like any surgery – there are risks.

The model in the video refused to comment on what happened to her butt, and what her prognosis is. Watch the video below:

IG Model Rushed To ICU After Butt Falls Off & Leaking

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