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Mo3 Was Murdered For Allegedly Sleeping With Opps Girlfriend



Mo3 Was Reportedly Murdered For Having An Affair With His Opps Girlfriend

Mo3 Was Reportedly Murdered Because He Slept With His Opps Girlfriend

We recently reported that another man has been charged for the murder of Dallas rapper Mo3. However, it appears authorities have finally discovered the reason Mo3 was murdered — and it’s all down to jealousy.

According to Dallas News, Devin Maurice Brown told cops that Mo3 was dating “a known witness” and got upset over a Facebook video — but says he was not involved in the killing.

It was all over a woman, multiple people claiming to know Mo3 on social media claim that he and his killer were both involved with the same woman. Cops say cellphone data the second suspect, Kewon White near the apartment where Mo3 stayed the night before and phone records showed both of them calling each other in the run-up to the killing.


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Mo3 was driving on the interstate on November 11 when a Black male suspect driving possibly a 2014- 2015 Chevy Camaro, black in color, exited his vehicle and shot him.

The shooting reportedly caused a melee on the highway with other motorists scrambling to get away from the scene. The local rapper’s car ultimately crashing into the concrete barrier before coming to a halt.

Maurice Brown was arrested at his residence on November 19th, 2020. Cops discovered a stolen AK-47 in his closet after searching the residence.

According to the DA’s office in North Texas, they also discovered synthetic cannabinoids, a bottle of pills that tested positive for meth, numerous scales and baggies, plus more than $3,200 in cash.

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