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Kimbella Shows Off Fake Abs She Got Done In Colombia



Kimbella Undergoes Surgery In Colombia To Get Abs

Kimbella Undergoes Surgery In Colombia To Get Abs

There are now different surgical procedures designed to help one cover his or her insecurities. Most of these surgeries are expensive and not for regular people with average income.

However, celebrities, Instagram models and Influencers do not think twice before getting their bodies done to their suitable taste.

Kimbella is the latest celebrity to get her abs done and she’s not hiding the fact that it was through surgical process. A procedure called abdominal etching uses a new liposuction technique to create abs appearance, according to a paper published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Essentially, plastic surgeons very precisely suction fat from the abdomen’s superficial and deep layers to accentuate a patient’s natural abdominal lines. Results can be extra-defined or more smooth and round, depending on preference.

Kimbella made controversial headlines last year after joining OnlyFans and her husband Juelz Santana even helped in promoting her page.

He shared a photo to his Instagram account that showed  Kimbella putting laundry away, with a caption directing fans to go subscribe to her OnlyFans.

Not long after, her explicit contents leaked online.


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