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Lil Keed’s Baby Mama Says Rapper Is Having An Affair With Skai Jackson



Is Skai Jackson Dating Lil Need? 

Is Skai Jackson Dating Lil Keed?

Recently, Skai Jackson was wrongly accused of bullying Jordyn Woods 15 year old sister Jodie. A TikTok user named Mia J shared a video that suggested the Disney actress was gaslighting and bullying Jodie Woods on Instagram.

Following the accusations, it didn’t take long before Skai began trending on social media. Folks online descended on Skai, calling her messy and the new Azealia Banks.

Amid the drama, Lil Keed’s baby mama Quana, took to Instagram story to spill tea about Keed and Skai. “Please stop tagging me in anything that has to do with Skai Jackson,” Quana wrote.


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“IDGAF tag my bd ‘Lil Keed” that’s his girl not mines,” she added.

The post immediately went viral on social media garnering lots of reactions from fans online. Leading to speculations that Skai Jackson and rapper Lil Keed are having an affair.

However, Skai has come out to deny that she has issues with Jodie and stated that the TikTok user was sharing fake images. “Please stop with this fake news.. Jodie and I have talked, we have never had any drama, and people are trying to make something out of nothing on both ends,” wrote Skai.

“Y’all are very quick to believe something on the internet.” The actress added, “Again, that dm of ‘Jodie’ is not her.. it’s FAKE. people are trying to make something out of nothing. Stop believing everything you see on the internet.”


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