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DJ Envy Doubles Down On Claims Ma’Khia Bryant Shooting Was Justified



DJ Envy Debates With Dr. Umar After Calling Ma'Khia Bryant Shooting Justified

DJ Envy Debates With Dr. Umar After Calling Ma’Khia Bryant Shooting Justified

The Breakfast Club host DJ Envy was met with heavy criticism following his take on 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant who was shot and killed by Columbus, Ohio police officer Nicholas Reardon.

During the episode, Charlamagne Tha God asked Envy if he thought shooting the teen “four times was excessive.” Envy, answered, “No. I honestly don’t.”

His co-host seemed stunned by his answer. “And the reason I don’t think that is because everybody sees one side,” Envy continued. “Think about the other side. Think about if that was your daughter.”

On Monday (April 26), the radio show kicked off the week with special guest Dr. Umar Johnson, a speaker and psychologist who works within the Black community, specifically with children with behavioral disorders.

DJ Envy Debates With Dr. Umar After Calling Ma'Khia Bryant Shooting Justified

“I work in schools, Charlamagne,” Dr. Umar began. “I have seen lunchroom aids with no police training. No bulletproof vest. No knife-proof vest. No gun in the pocket. I have seen elderly Black women and elderly Black men take knives and other weapons out of the hands of students during lunchroom riots. You mean to tell me… a trained, armed police, with a bulletproof vest can’t get the knife outta the hand of a 16-year-old.”

You have White males who are conducting mass murders all across this country. Every other week we’re getting a mass murder in America,” he continued.

“Fully armed, fully violent, murderous White men are apprehended by the police without being shot and without losing their life. So, explain to me how a White man with a AK-47 can be taken without a police officer firing a bullet after he done murdered six, seven, eight people, but a 16-year-old with a butter knife cannot be apprehended without a bullet being shot. That is nonsense. They killed her because they knew they would get away with it.”

DJ Envy chimed in. “I’m not gon’ lie,” said Envy. “I must be a c*on ’cause I don’t agree with you on this one and I’mma tell you why.” Envy said that the White men “walking around” with weapons “should get shot immediately” without question. He then reiterated his position about Ma’Khia Bryant and agreed with Reardon’s response because he “doesn’t know friend or foe.” Dr. Umar didn’t let him off the hook.

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