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Claudia Jordan Denies Saying Kanye Tried To Hook Up With Her While With Kim



Claudia Jordan Denies Saying Kanye West Tried To Get With Her While With Kim

Claudia Jordan Apologizes To Kanye West & Kim For Saying He Tried To Get With Her

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star Claudia Jordan, made controversial headlines over the weekend after revealing what happened when she met with Kanye West.

In an interview she did with The Domenick Nati Show, Jordan spoke about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. According to the Fox Soul talk show host, Ye tried to hook up with her when he saw her out at a nightclub.

“He tried years ago,” Jordan said of West allegedly making a pass at her. “Me and Nikki Chu were in the club. They shut the door… I met him before and, you know what, I hung out with Kim, as well. And girl code. I couldn’t do it. Let’s say that.”

Well, Claudia is now denying ever saying that, at least, not suggesting that Kanye was with Kim. “I’d really appreciate it yall stopped lying on my for clicks,” she wrote on her Instagram Story.

“I NEVER said that Sh*t! No More interviews with unknowns trying to make a name for themselves with click bait!” In another slide, she added, ” For the LAST time- Kanye NEVER tried to get with me, hit on me or flirt with me while married to Kim! Fake NEWs!”

Claudia also  addressed the famous couple directly. “To Kim, Kanye and your families I’m so sorry this ever happened! I never wanted to cause any of you and harm or stress. I’m furious about this whole mess and taking a break for my own sanity. If I ever do any interviews again don’t ask me sh*t about any body else BUT me, my career and the projects I’m workin on PERIOD!”

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