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Cardi B Says She Wrote DJ Khaled Song In Less Than 48 Hours



Cardi B Reveals She Wrote "Big Paper" In Less Than Forty-Eight Hours

Cardi B Reveals She Wrote “Big Paper” In Less Than Forty-Eight Hours

DJ Khaled recently dropped his star studded album ‘Khaled Khaled‘. It was initially a 13 track album until Cardi B sent her verse at the last minute At the very last minute, shifting his project to include fourteen songs.

Shortly after the song ‘Big Paper’ was released, Cardi went live on Instagram to speak to her fans and explain why she was a late addition to the album.

“I didn’t think I was gonna make the record,” she said during the live stream. “I got the beat before yesterday and yes, I wrote the record!” She says that she’s been feeling insecure about her accent when she’s rapping, making sure that she was happy with the mix before it was turned in for mastering.

Cardi B Reveals She Wrote "Big Paper" In Less Than Forty-Eight Hours

She shared her text messages with her engineer last night on Twitter, proving that the track was only turned in at around 7 AM on Thursday morning.

Obviously, DJ Khaled didn’t have much time to spare but they managed to make the deadline.

See it all below:

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