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Pic Of Kanye West Without Beard & Moustache Causes Stir Online



Pic Of Kanye West WITHOUT MUSTACHE Leaks

Did Kanye West Shave His Beard And Moustache?

A new image of Kanye West, without any facial hair, is circulating on social media, garnering lots of reactions from folks online. We’re used to the Kanye West with moustache and beards, so a beardless Ye is quite strange sight to behold.

The image shows the portly rapper, who was recently dumped by Kim Kardashian, walking around Calabasses looking like Carl Winslow from the show Family Matters.

Kanye West has gained a significant amount of weight recently – and it substantially changed his facial features. But no one could have guessed just how different the rapper would look like without a mustache or beard.

Did Kanye West Shave His Beards And Moustache

However, the image is not real. It was photoshopped by an expert to show us what Kanye would look like without facial hair, but the above image of Kanye is a real and recent photo of him – a far cry from how he looked many years ago.

And here are some reactions on Twitter:

“He looks younger, bisexual and completely different lol,” a Twitter user wrote. “Him and Corey Gamble look like brothers. Kalmye.”

“He looks like a pedo that drives a van,” another user commented. “Who’s fat uncle is this? This isn’t Kanye”

“Is he transitioning??” a fan asked.

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