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Nike Sues MSCHF Over Air Max 97 Satan Shoes, Lil Nas X Reacts



Lil Nas X Reacts To Nike Suing MSCHF Over "Satan Shoes" Trademark Infringement

Lil Nas X Reacts To Nike Suing MSCHF Over “Satan Shoes” Trademark Infringement

Today, Lil Nas X‘s controversial “Satan Shoe” with MSCHF was sold for a whopping $1,018 USD and 666 pairs were created. It went on sale at around 11 AM EST and it immediately sold out. It only took a few minutes for every pair to be sold out.

“Y’all talked so much shit about these shoes just for them to sell out in literally less than one minute. lmao y’all going out SAD!” he wrote in a now deleted tweet.

He then retweeted a fan that wrote: “Niggas complaining about Lil Nas video just like they was complaining about WAP. Man shut the fuck up enjoy it or don’t nobody care about your opinion.”


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Unfortunately, Nike is suing MSCHF for trademark infringement, and they are seeking damages.

According  to TMZ, Nike has stated they have no affiliation with the footwear and they believe MSCHF is misleading people into thinking it is a certified Nike collab.

In response, Lil Nas X took to Twitter with a couple of Squidward memes about what it’s like being sued by Nike. Obviously, Lil Nas would rather laugh through the pain.

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