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John Gabbana ‘Boonk Gang’ Offers Words Of Advice To Lil Nas X



John 'Boonk Gang' Gabbana Advises Lil Nas X From Experience Amid 'Satan' Controversy

John ‘Boonk Gang’ Gabbana Advises Lil Nas X From Experience Amid ‘Satan’ Controversy

John Gabbana, formerly known as Boonk Gang, had perhaps one of the meanest rebrands in rap history. Previously known for his wild media antics and tattoo-covered visage, lately, he’s been staying out of trouble and away from substance abuse.

The Florida rapper from experience took some time out of his day to offer some words of wisdom to fellow industry mate Lil Nas X.

“Lil Nas X, Now I don’t know ya or know your situation, but I wanted to give you some advice lil bro. Don’t make a permanent decision in a temporary reality. Let that soak in,” Gabbana said in a clip on his Instagram story.

Apparently, Gabbana is speaking on the “MONTERO” artist’s recent lawsuit from Nike for his Air Max 97-inspired “Satan Shoes.” Before his rebrand, the rapper used to use similar media antics as a marketing tool for his music.

He seems to be telling Nas to not let the current backlash he’s facing for his Satanic visuals push him to make a decision that could permanently impact his career.

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