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Camille Winbush ‘Nessa’ Reacts To Her Leaked OnlyFans Pictures



Nessa From Bernie Mac Show Leak Reacts To Her Leaked OnlyFans Pictures

Nessa From Bernie Mac Show Leak Reacts To Her Leaked OnlyFans Pictures

Actress Camille Winbush, best known for starring as Bernie Mac’s daughter Nessa in the hit 2000s show, The Bernie Mac Show, joined Onlyfans last month.

The 31 years old, announced that she’s joining the adult site on IG three weeks ago, and the beautiful actress promised fans that she would provide “n*dity” on her page.

Not long after, explicit pictures from her OnlyFans page made it way on the internet. Camille is seen in varying stages of undress. The Bernie Mac actress uses a strategically placed towel to hide her most intimate areas.

She was faced with heavy criticism on social media at the time as people never expected that from her. Nessa has since taken to Instagram to defend herself.

“A friendly reminder that my worth as a human being is not measured by the pictures I take, the length of my resume, and the judgements of strangers,” she captioned her picture on Instagram.”

“Be Safe Be Kind Be Human,” she added.

Sources told us that Camille hired lawyers that are working hard in getting rid of the explicit leaked images online. And it appears they’re doing a great job as these pics are no longer on Twitter.

However, we still have them and you can check them out here.

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