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Woman Wets & Beats Cheating Boyfriend On Valentine’s Day – Video



She Wanted All The Smoke For Valentines Day 

She Wanted All The Smoke For Valentines Day

There’s a new challenge that’s growing on social media, it’s called the #BeatTheCheat challenge.

In the challenge, women sneak up on their boyfriend – whom they believe to be cheating – and beat them while they sleep.

The challenge was kicked off by a particularly brutal video, where a Mississippi woman poured boiling hot water on her sleeping boyfriend and then beat him with a belt. The video went viral, and caused other women to attack their sleeping boyfriends.

Since the video uploaded however, people on social media – especially teenagers – have been revealing stories of instances where they attacked an allegedly cheating lover.

​​​​​​Internet challenges can be fascinating to teens, who can be both impulsive and drawn to behavior that gets attention – especially on social media.

Some social media challenges, like the ALS ice bucket challenge or the mannequin challenge, can be fun and positive activities. But other challenges that pop up on the internet are dangerous and can lead to permanent harm.

She Wanted All The Smoke For Valentines Day 

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