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Tory Lanez Trolled With Hilarious Memes After Photo Of His Bald Head Surface



Twitter Trolls Tory Lanez After Photo Of His Bald Spot Goes Viral

Twitter Trolls Tory Lanez After Photo Of His Bald Spot Goes Viral

Tory Lanez is arguably one of the most talented rappers in the industry. His lyrical prowess is top notch and his vocal melody cannot be overstated.

However, the Toronto superstar was almost cancelled following a shooting incident that happened between him and Megan Thee Stallion last year.

Meg alleged that Tory shot her twice in the foot but, he denied the claims saying her team only wanted to set him up. Ever since then, critics have been using any opportunity to drag him.

Tory has been trending on Twitter after a video of him playing basketball surfaced online, and on Tuesday (February 16), a screenshot of the clip went viral.

The shot showed a bald spot at the top of Tory’s head and soon, the internet was flooded with memes. He’s been trending on social media as posts and comments continue to increase with hilarious comments.

“Tory Lanez gotta get a refund with his hair transplant … I low key think tyga set him up and gave him the wrong doctor. That patch in the middle of his head widening by the day,” DJ Akademiks joked.

“Tory lanez wanted to talk all that shit about meg, but his hair looking like the water bandit from home alone,” a Twitter user wrote.

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