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Scarfo Da Plug Killed After Bragging About Not Paying Drug Dealers



Atlanta Rapper Scarfo Da Plug Murdered In Los Angeles

Atlanta Rapper Scarfo Da Plug Murdered In Los Angeles

Popular Atlanta rapper Scarfo Da Plug was murdered yesterday in Los Angeles. The details surrounding his death are unclear, but social media reports speculate that he could have been killed by drug dealers, whom he owed money.

The rising New Orleans MC became a staple in the buzzing underground trap scene in the South over the years. Projects like 2020’s Trap Jesus and 2019’s TRAP-NOLA made him an household name.

Before becoming a full time rapper, Scarfo was reportedly in the streets selling drugs. The rapper was arrested two years ago, and at that time he allegedly owed a large sum of money to his  drug suppliers.

When he was released from prison, Scarfo allegedly refused to pay his debt. The drug sealers ran down on the rapper, at a Los Angeles studio and robbed him of his jewelry, and told Scarfo that they wanted their bread.

Here’s video of Scarfo getting robbed:

And here’s Scarfo explaining the situation:

Yesterday a group of armed men ran down on Scarfo again – this time they took the talented rapper’s life.

May his soul rest in peace.

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