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Kash Doll Clarifies Pardison ‘Pardi’ Fontaine Is Not Her Ex



Kash Doll Debunks Rumor Megan's New Boo Pardi Is Her Ex 

Kash Doll Debunks Rumor Megan’s New Boo Pardi Is Her Ex

Megan Thee Stallion went live on Friday (Feb. 18) to connect with her fans. The Houston hottie took the opportunity to confirm her relationship with Pardison ‘Pardi’ Fontaine and clear up negative comments regarding him.

“I don’t be liking some of the stuff on the internet. People don’t know what the hell they talking about, they just be saying anything,” she began.

“I didn’t like what they was trying to say about Pardi[son Fontaine]. ‘Cause he is so calm and so sweet. And very, you know. That’s my boo. And I really like him!”

During the live, Megan had to clarify one more thing to a fan who said she was acting like a “simp”: “I never said hot girls can’t have boyfriends.”

Revolt TV posted about the dating confirmation on Twitter and it ensued rumors that Pardi used to date another female rapper, Kash Doll.

“Oh he switched from Kash Doll to Meg,” a fan commented. “Wasn’t Pardi dating Kash Doll like a month ago,” another user wrote.

“Kash Doll let Megan run off with her man,” another Twitter user queried.

Following the growing rumors, Kash Doll quickly shut it down. “That’s not my ex y’all lol,” she tweeted. See it all below:

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