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Jackboy Addresses Meek Mill & 6ix9ine’s Altercation



Jackboy Addresses Meek Mill & 6ix9ine's Altercation

Jackboy Says He Would’ve Caught A Charge If He Were Meek Mill

Meek Mill explained that he didn’t have any intention of going back to jail after 10+ years of probation, but people like Wack 100 insisted that the rapper should’ve done something to 6ix9ine.

A back-and-forth ensued but Jackboy agrees with Wack, in a sense. He didn’t necessarily fault Meek Mill for restraining himself. However, he said that would not be him in that situation.

“I can’t beef with dude because if dude would’ve did some shit like that to me… aww man. We automatically catching a charge,” he said. Jackboy explained that he would not take kindly to someone of 6ix9ine’s stature telling him to suck a dick.

“You can’t play with n***as certain way. You can’t be like, to another grown man, be like, ‘suck my dick,’ shit like that. Boy, I’mma crash, boy. We both going to jail. I’ma go ahead and lay down these lil’ three, four months. It was no guns involved. It was no none of that.”

He continued, “Most I’mma catch is a year. I’mma go ahead and go do that one time for the one time.”

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