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Heather Rose S*x Tape Leaks – Twitter Disgusted With Her Coochie (Watch)



IG Star Heather Rose Masturbation Video Leaks, Twitter Says 'VaGina Is Deformed

IG Star Heather Rose Mast**bation Video Leaks, Twitter Says ‘V*gina Is Deformed’

Popular Instagram model Heather Rose is currently trending on Twitter and it’s for nothing less than a leaked tape. The model whose beauty, fashion and makeup line have amassed her millions of social media followers, is trending on Twitter worldwide.

An old s*x tape of Rose surfaced online. The extremely graphic clip shows an extreme close up view of her priv*te area.

After the video of what seems like Heather’s mast**bating session hit social media, Twitter users are saying that her lady parts are extremely “ugly” and possibly even “deformed.”

IG Star Heather Rose Masturbation Video Leaks, Twitter Says 'VaGina Is Deformed' 

Heather responded to the leak by suggesting that one of her ex-boyfriends leaked the video onto social media. Although she did not specifically name the man whom she believed leaked the image, Heather was known to have dated Los Angeles rapper Gunna.

“The video of me that is surfacing was actually sent by me to my current boyfriend at the time 4 years ago. We’ve all been young and thinking we were in love & trust someone who isn’t worthy,” Rose began.

“My ex is bitter and every time he sees opportunity to ruin my reputation, he jumps on it. Unfortunately, this time that video hurts the man I only care about, which was the intention amongst embarrassing me. But understandably, hurt people hurt hurt people,” she added.

She’s been mocked across Twitter and they’re not taking it slightly with her. Watch the graphic video below :

IG Star Heather Rose ‘S*xtape’ Leak: Twitter Says ‘V*gina Is Deformed’

Check out some reactions on Twitter below :

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