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R Kelly Shares His Song ‘Shut Up’ From Jail On His Birthday



R. Kelly Addresses Ongoing Case With His 2013 Song 'Shut Up'

R Kelly Addresses Ongoing Case With His 2013 Song ‘Shut Up’

R Kelly is currently serving time for charges related to illegal sexual interactions with multiple children and women. However, he still seems to be fighting against the narrative that has haunted him for decades.

On his 5th birthday, the disgraced singer took to social media to share a track written to address those who have confronted him about his relationships with young women.

The song features cover art of Kelly wearing many championship belts, which just goes to show how disconnected from reality Kelly has become. He still sees himself as a champion, although his legacy is being torn down around him.

R Kelly Addresses Ongoing Case With His 2013 Song 'Shut Up'

The track, called “Shut Up,” was featured on Kelly’s 2013 album Black Panties. Check out that lyrics below:

“After 22 years of a blessed career/ Had me lying in my hospital bed crying mad tears/ But just as I have many people hatin me, Had so many people loving me/ And let’s not forget the hood around the world covering me/ And to everybody that be calling me, Telling what they’ve been sayin about me/ Bringin me all of this negative s–t, ya’ll the ones I ain’t f–king with.”

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