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NLE Choppa Shoots His Shot At Skai Jackson



NLE Choppa Wants A Piece Of Skai Jackson After Revealing She's Single

NLE Choppa Says He Likes Skai, Calls Her His Little Boo

Last week, Skai Jackson made controversial headlines after some NSFW messages leaked from her alleged former boyfriend Julez Smith Jr.

Solange’s son claimed that that Disney actress had cheated on him during their relationship so he “got revenge.”

Shockingly, an intimate video of the young actress also leaked online, with many suspecting Smith was the source of the video released as revenge p0rn.


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Now that she’s single again, men have been flooding her DMs, shooting their shots.  When a Twitter user tweeted to the actress, “if you ever see this I wanted to ask if you single because I fell in love with you, this was hard to say,” the actress revealed that she was now single.

After catching wind of the tweet, NLE Choppa simply replied “Umhm,” to the declaration from Jackson.

The rapper later went on to name-drop the young actress during a live stream, once again making public his crush on the Jessie star. “I like Skai Jackson,” he says, before asking viewers why they were “talking about his little boo.”

See it all below:

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