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Megan Thee Stallion Disses Tory Lanez & Ex BFF Kelsey Nicole On ‘Shots Fired’



Twitter Reacts To Megan Thee Stallion Dissing Tory Lanez & Kelsey Nicole On 'Shots Fired' Off Her Debut Album

Twitter Reacts To Megan Thee Stallion Dissing Tory Lanez & Kelsey Nicole On ‘Shots Fired’ Off Her Debut Album

Megan Thee Stallion released her highly anticipated debut album ‘Good News‘ last night and she’s since been trending on social media. Most especially for her response track to Tory Lanez shooting incident.

Kicking off the project, Megan started with a track titled “Shots Fired” where she addresses the July incident involving herself and Tory Lanez.

On “Shots Fired,” Megan samples The Notorious B.I.G.‘s ‘Who Shot Ya?.” In one part she raps: “Imagine n****s lyin’ ’bout shootin’ a real b*tch,” she raps, “just to save face for rapper n****s you chill with”.

The Houston native later appears to claim that Lanez “ have been indicted” had she alleged he shot her in the week after the incident.

“Should’ve let them lock your ass up.” She later adds, “You shot a 5’10” b*tch, with a .22 / Talkin’ ’bout bones and tendons like them bullets weren’t pellets… A pussy n***a with a p*ssy gun in his feelings / Okay, he in the backseat and he keep callin’ me a bitch (He a b*tch).”

And that wasn’t all, Megan also took a few jabs at her former best friend Kelsey Nicole by calling her “goofy-ass b*tch.”

“Who you takin’ shots at, goofy-ass bitch?
Watchin’ me succeed from your knees, suckin’ dick
I know you want attention from the niggas that I get
I’m a steak, you a side plate, shrimp, stay in your place”

See some reactions on Twitter below :


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