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Logic Buys $6 Million Worth Of Bitcoin As Investment



Logic Says He Bought $6 Million In Bitcoin As Investment

Logic Says He Bought $6 Million In Bitcoin As Investment

Cryptocurrency traders pretty much knows the joy of having Bitcoin at this time. Just in case you don’t know, Bitcoin is worth approximately $17,954.70 USD right now. And it appears Logic is amongst those profiting off it.

Ever since Logic retired from rap, he’s been living even more of an open-book life, striking a million-dollar deal with Twitch and going live several times a week with his fans.

However, during a recent live-stream, Logic casually flexed on us all, claiming that he’s made a major investment into Bitcoin. A $6 million investment that might end up making him way more money than he put in.


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“Bought $6 million in Bitcoin last month,” said Logic, brushing off his shoulder. “Fuck it, YOLO.”

It’s a pretty good investment plan, although cryptocurrency could be risky, he surely will get some passive income off of a $6 million investment that could potentially net him millions more in the future.

Last month, Logic reportedly dropped $226K on rare Pokemon card. His purchase marks a new record for the highest bid on a Nintendos collectible ever.

Logic Says He Bought $6 Million In Bitcoin As Investment

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