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Lil Wayne Exposed For Sewing His Dreads With Threads



Busted! Lil Wayne Has His Dreadlocks Attached With Threads

Busted! Lil Wayne Has His Dreadlocks Attached With Threads

Lil Wayne‘s health has been a thing of concern amongst fans. The veteran Hip Hop idol doesn’t look like he’s doing well. Weezy  was once the biggest rap star in the world, and one of the biggest artists of the 2000s.

While he’s still arguably one of the best rappers of all time, Wayne’s addiction derailed his career.

The rapper fell into a deep addiction to liquid opioids and pills. Back in August, Wayne made controversial headlines after pics of his bald and dusty dreadlocks surfaced online.

Busted! Lil Wayne Has His Dreadlocks Attached With Threads

Wayne has been known for having long hair ever since the beginning of his music career. After Birdman took Wayne under his wing at the age of 9 it would seem he has made it a point to grow his hair.

In the early stages of Lil Wayne’s career he did not have locs, he rocked braids. Initially, they were thick and as time went on it did seem as if Wayne’s locs did get a litte thinner, probably from frequent twisting.

In fact, a lot people said they were inspired by Wayne to get dreadlocks in the first place.

Well, a closer look at Wayne’s dreadlocks shows he’s been holding them together with threads. It’s quite absurd that Wayne is actually sewing his dreads.


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