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Lil Baby Spotted With A Gun In His Hoodie In New Pictures With Bun B



Lil Baby Spotted With A Gun In His Hoodie In New Pictures With Bun B

Lil Baby Doesn’t Want To Be Caught Lackin, Has His Hand On A Pistol Inside His Hoodie

Never to be caught lackin, Lil Baby was recently spotted out with his hand on a firearm inside his hoodie, causing mixed reactions amongst fans online.

Following the recent shootings in the rap scene, it’s quite understandable why any other rapper might want to stay on guard so as not to be the next victim of gun violence.

In the past couple of weeks, two rappers have been shot dead, Mo3 and Kind Von. Within that same time frame, two other emcess Boosie Badazz and Benny The Butcher, were shot in their legs on different occasions.

I think that justifies why Lil Baby doesn’t want to take any chances. In a new picture with Bun B, posted by the Houston rap legend, Baby keeps his hand on a pistol in the pocket of his hoodie.

Prior to Thanksgiving, Lil Baby bumped into Houston legend Bun B, posing for a picture on Instagram.

Fans have been pointing out one aspect of the picture in the comments though, noticing that Baby seems to be clutching something in his pocket, marking the outline of a pistol.

Peep the viral pictures below :


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