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Porsha Williams Caught Having Sex In Leaked Video



Bravo Leaks Explicit Footage Of Atlanta Housewife Porsha Having S*X

Bravo Leaks Explicit Footage Of Atlanta Housewife Porsha Having S*x

Last month, there were rumors that two cast members of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and a male stripper made out with each other at Cynthia Bailey‘s Bachelorette party.

Popular blogger B Scott, named the two Housewives that were involved. Acccording to him, the cast members that had a fling with the stripper were Tanya Sam and Porsha Williams.

“Porsha Williams and Tanya Sam had a threesome with a Male stripper named Bolo, during Cynthia’s bachelorette party,” the controversial blogger claimed.


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Although, the ladies have denied and the said stripper has also come out to shut down claims he had an affair with any of them, Bravo seems to have fueled the speculations.

Bravo appears to have inadvertently leaked video purporting to show one of the housewives, Porsha, appearing to having an intimate encounter. However, it’s not clear who she’s having the encounter with.

In the video, which we have slowed down and enhanced – you see Porsha with her legs in the air, and someone’s head is between her legs. You can also hear Porsha moaning in pleasure. Acccording to MTO, the woman with her legs in the air is most likely Porsha given her body shape.

While we can’t say for certain who is in the room with Porsha, with their head between her legs, both parties seem to be enjoying the encounter.

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