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21 Savage Buys King Von’s Sister A New Range Rover



21 Savage Shows Support For King Von's Family, Buys Rapper's Sister A New Car

21 Savage Shows Support For King Von’s Family, Buys Rapper’s Sister A New Car

King Von was shot and killed during a shootout last week in Atlanta following an alleged altercation with Quando Rondo and his crew. Fans, friends and family have since been mourning the loss.

In this difficult time, 21 Savage is standing up for King Von’s family. The Atlanta rapper is concerned and wants to be sure that Von’s family are doing well.

Von’s manager Jameson Francois, revealed that Von owned all his masters and the royalties are for his family. He also confirmed that the late Chicago rapper has two albums in shelf.


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Regardless, 21 Savage showed his loyalty to the late rapper by gifting Kayla, Von’s sister, with a brand new 2021 Range Rover. Kayla took to Instagram to share the news and appreciate 21 for his kind heart.

“2021 PAID FA,” Kayla wrote on Instagram, holding up a bouquet of roses and revealing that 21 Savage bought the flowers and the car. “WITH 21 ROSES! NOBODY EVA BOUGHT ME ROSES ! I LOVE MY BIG BROTHER @21savage #REALN***AFRRRRR 4L.”

Last week, Kayla called out the mortician who allegedly leaked picture of Von’s autopsy, demanding that they should be fired for their actions.


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