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Asian Doll Apologizes After Backlash From Endorsing Donald Trump



Asian Doll Under Fire For Supporting Donald Trump

Asian Doll Under Fire For Supporting Donald Trump

Donald Trump is on a mission for another term as the President of the United States. While it’s no brainier that he’s not so liked in the Black community, he still has couple of people rooting for him, amongst which is Asian Doll.

Asian Doll, also known as Asian Da Brat, is currently under fire for endorsing Trump. She recently shared her thoughts about Trump in a video clip.

“I f*ck with the n*gga Trump because the n*gga giving out a lot of money right now,” said the rapper in the viral video. “I get my money in different ways, so I be around a lot of people who get they money in different ways too and they is up.”

The rappers says she would rather Trump be president but the message wasn’t met with warm hands and has since been getting massive reactions on social media.

However, she’s apologized for hurtng anyone with her stance, but won’t retract her statement. “If you rock with me & I offended you I’m sorry I only care if I hurt people who genuine love me fr [100] I was having a high conversation & tweeted bout it VOTE FOR WHO YOU WANT EVERY VOTE COUNTS.”

Asian Doll added in the since deleted tweet, “F*ck both of them at the end of the day but Shid we got 2 choices I was just saying cause it’s time to vote…..DAM.”


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#TSRClearTheAir: #AsianDoll apologizes to fans she may have offended with previous #Trump tweet (SWIPE)

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Asian Doll Under Fire For Supporting Donald Trump

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