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Teen Suspended From School For ‘Vulgar’ Rap During Talent Show – Video



Teen Suspended for Going Too Hard in the Talent Show

A 15 year old teenager from Ohio is going viral on social media this morning and he has been suspended from school indefinitely. However, the good news is that the teen may have a hit song on his hands.

Acccording to MTO, the young boy took the stage yesterday for a school talent show and he performed his song called “Elephant.”

The lyrics were a little vulgar, but not any more vulgar than most of the rap that you hear streaming. The song, which he titled Elephant is going viral, and folks all over the internet think the kid’s got talent.

Teen Suspended for Going Too Hard in the Talent Show

Here’s the lyrics :

“Elephant, Elephant, Elephant, Elephant, Elephant
Elephant, Elephant, Elephant, Elephant, Elephant

B*tch on my trunk like an elephant.
B*tch on my d*ck cause I’m relevant.
B*tch on my d*ck cause I’m hella fit.
B*tch almost look like an elephant.
B*tch you don’t make any sense it’s irrelevant.
This is my elegance.

I need to be eloquent.
I could repeat but I know that you’re well in it.
I’m not here for the hell of it.
I won’t celibate.
F*ck your b*tch for the hell of it.”

Watch the video that got the kid suspended:

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