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YG Recalls Traumatizing Raid When Police Pointed AKs In His Kids Face

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YG Recalls Police Storming His Home & Pointing "AKs In My Kid's Face"

YG Recalls Police Storming His Home In The Middle Of The Night With Their Guns Drawn

YG recently opened up about a traumatizing incident he had with police inside of his home involving his family in the middle of the night. The rapper recalled the raid during an interview with The Morning Hustle.

“Around the Grammys, the police raided my house while I was there with my family and my kids. They came at like, four in the morning when everyone was still sleep,” he began

“They had the helicopter going around and everything so I hopped up to see what was going on. I open the door and boom, they draw down on me, which is normal, but my kids at the time were four-years-old and six-years-old at the time in the room with their mom.”

YG Recalls Police Storming His Home In The Middle Of The Night With Their Guns Drawn

“I tell them that my kids are up there and they still go up there with their guns drawn and putting these big AKs in my kids’ face yelling and telling them to get on the ground,” the West Coast rapper shared .

“Now at this point, I get mad and start wildin’ because they had me f*cked up for going after my kids.” fortunately, the raid ended without further incident but he’s not surprised that he’s continued to be a target.

”As far as the police, I am not worried about them. It’s just a part of the game when you choose certain lifestyles you know the police are going to f*ck with you.” Listen to him below:

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