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White Hip Hop Producer JW Lucas Dragged Over Breonna Taylor Tweets

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JW Lucas Asks Why The World Is Asking For Justice For Breonna Taylor & Gets Dragged On Twitter

JW Lucas Asks Why The World Is Asking For Justice For Breonna Taylor & Gets Dragged On Twitter

White Hip Hop producer JW Lucas has gotten the attention he seeks and already has his name trending on Twitter, but it’s not for his musical works, rather for a controversial tweet he sent out on Breonna Taylor.

Lucas isn’t so popular but quite known in the Hip Hop community and has worked with the likes of DaBaby, Jack Harlow, Lil Uzi Vert, and Lil Durk.

According to Lucas, Breonna Taylor, the lady who was shot dead some months back when police stormed into her house as she was sleeping, he doesn’t understand why people are seeking justice for her because she allegedly sells crack.


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“Why is the world asking for justice for #BreonnaTaylor…ofcourse she shouldn’t have lost her life…. but do you realize that she was involved with multiple drug dealers who were using her house as a trap spot? If you sign up for that life there are consequences,” Lucas penned.

He continued, “It is terrible Breonna lost her life, and as I said earlier I believe the cops may have mishandled the raid and been to aggressive after being fired on. With that being said what is the punishment the world Is calling for. Those men were on the job and have families as well.”

The producer later apologized to people who were offended by his remarks. “If I angered anyone with my tweets regarding the Breonna taylor case I do apologize. My intent is to point out the miss information regarding the case and to bring awareness that this case is being sensationalized for politcal purposes and to cause confusion near an election.”

“Do not spin my words… I clearly said she did not deserve to die. That is not a consequence anyone should have to deal with under any circumstances. I do feel for her and her family. I don’t want people to distracted by politics…. we have to unify.”

“There has to be consequences for people selling crack or any hard drugs to our communities. I clearly stated that her dying was not acceptable. Having your house raided is part of those choices. I hope people can understand the intent behind my tweet.”

But his apology seems late as folks on Twitter are already tearing him apart over his tweets. See some reactions below :

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