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Wack 100 Says He’s Voting Trump In The Upcoming Election



Wack 100 Is Voting Trump: "We Survived The First Term We Can Survive The Next"

Wack 100 Is Voting Trump: “We Survived The First Term We Can Survive The Next”

Wack 100 is known for his controversial takes on matters, but it’s unlike of him to air his opinion on political issues. However, the godfather recently did, sharing his take on the upcoming presidential election.

The 2020 presidential election is in few months time, Trump is on a mission to get his second term while Joe Biden is upfront to stop him. Rumors even circulated that Trump might drop out of the race.

While majority of Black people are not interested in voting for Trump, Wack 100 has reasons to vote him in again. “I’m voting Trump we survived the first term we can survive the next. We know his moves Biden ain’t no telling wtf he has in store,” he wrote under his own post blasting Biden.

” MY VOTE IS TRUMP You do wtf you do that’s your business. All that other shit is what it is. Won’t you write a post about YOUR BULLSHIT we all have a closet. Meaning me you Trump don’t matter all have shit the next won’t approve of — VOTE TRUMP.”

Peep his comment below :

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