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Cardi B Covers Mysterious Neck Tattoo Of The Name ‘Samuel’ With A Butterfly



Cardi B Covers Her Old Neck Tattoo Of The Name 'Samuel' With A Butterfly

Cardi B Covers Her Old Neck Tattoo Of The Name ‘Samuel’ With A Butterfly

Cardi B has been recently making changes to her body, getting her tattoos touched up for the perfect look. She’d earlier debuted a gigantic new back tattoo, which shows colorful butterflies and flowers.

The Bronx rapper also got her trademark tattoo touched up for the first time in ten years, flaunting her new peacock tattoo on social media after the perfection.

Cardi revealed that she got her neck tattoo covered up, but she’s just showing the results. The original ink reads “Samuel”  The mysterious name has got fans wondering who bears it and the kind of relationship she has with the person that made her tatted his name.

Cardi however dodged questions on who the mysterious person is and opted to pick tweets she’s got immediate answers to.

When a fan asked her why she didn’t cover it all, Cardi responded tweeting ” I wanted to put flowers and vines around it but then I got freaked out cause It’s a big tatt and my back piece already big so I just stop.”

“Thst removal takes like 8 sections,every six weeks I think …Aint nobody got time to wait and do allat Slap a butterfly on that shit and fly lmaaaooo,” she wrote in response to a fan asking why she didn’t get the tattoo removed.

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