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Snoop Dogg Called A Hypocrite Over Kanye West & Dr. Dre Studio Session

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Snoop Dogg Tagged A Hypocrite For Working With Kanye West 

Snoop Dogg Labelled A Hypocrite For Working With Kanye West

Kanye West used to be one of Trump’s biggest supporter. The rap and business mogul showed extreme support for Trump back then and even rocked a MAGA hat, claiming that slavery was a choice.

Ye was called out by many for betraying his own people and among his critics is Snoop Dogg. Snoopy blasted Kanye West several times and didn’t hold anything back.

In an interview from 2018, Snoop expressed his disdain toward Trump supporters, which included Kanye. “If you like that n***a, you’re motherf*cking racist,” Snoop exclaimed. “F*ck you and f*ck him…Kanye too, n***a, don’t forget about him too, f*ck you too! Throw him in the bag ’cause he right with them motherf*ckers.”

But it appears, the Dogg father has forgotten his words and fast forward to yesterday, Snoop shared a video of a recent studio session with Kanye West and Dr. Dre.

Over the weekend, the clip of Dr. Dre and Kanye cooking up in the studio, most likely to work on the highly anticipated sequel to Jesus Is King, which Kanye confirmed is coming soon quickly went viral on social media.

“Kanye West got some hot music. Shhhhh,” Snoop whispered in the video. “Kanye West got some hot shit. Only I can get exclusive footage. Shut up. Motherf*cker. Kanye West got some hot shit. It’s finna come out. Dr. Dre touched dat.”


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Snoop being the man behind the camera and as well working with Ye in the studio didn’t sit well with folks who somehow didn’t forget how Snoop used to slam Kanye. “Uncle Snoop izza Hypocrite. He’s going against his words now. I thought he hated Ye,” someone pointed out.

“F*ck snoop dogg,” one disappointed Twitter user wrote. “He’s the biggest hypocrite. He was talking all bad about Kanye when he was wearing MAGA hats now he’s in the Stu with him? Lame as hell.”

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