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NYC Officer Challenges Those Wanting To Fight Cops, He Then Backtracks

Peter Dredd



NYC Cop Offers To Fight Any BLM Protester & Thousands Show Up

NYC Cop Offers To Fight Any BLM Protester & Thousands Show Up

Protesters are frowning at the Police amid the ongoing chaos in the country, with movement to defund the Police. There are many people who believe they can take on a cop provided their are no guns and badges.

Some think officers are only hiding behind their guns and badges. However, a New York City police officer has responded to the people claiming they can take on a cop.

He posted a video on Tik Tok under the name @darksonofkrypton calling out the George Floyd protesters and challenging them to a fight. The clip has since gone viral on social media garnering lots of reactions from folks online.

“So I just watched another video of some clown with a camera running his mouth to an officer, I think it was in New York, and calling him a b**** and a punk and ‘take that badge and gun off and let’s fight,” he said in the video.

“A lot of you think we hide behind our badges and our guns…so how about we come up with a system…put your camera down and I’ll put down my badge and gun and let’s step into the ring,” he added.

Then it happened. Thousands of people flooded his comments asking to fight. Many furious people started requesting he turn on his location.

The supposed cop quickly realized that he messed up, and he immediately changed his tone. He posted another video saying: “I did not come out and challenge anybody. I definitely did not challenge Black people. I did not challenge Black Lives Matter. I did not challenge Antifa.”

DarkSonofKrypton has 161,900 followers on Tik Tok. He quickly set his page to private after the scandal.

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