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Charlotte Massacre: 100 Shots, 4 Blacks Killed After Juneteenth Block Party

Peter Dredd



White Nationalists Suspected In Charlotte Massacre

White Nationalists Suspected In Charlotte Massacre

According to reports reaching us, there is a growing belief that a massacre which occurred in Charlotte on Monday, may have been a racially motivated terrorist attack.

Four people are dead and 10 people were injured after a Juneteenth block party that led to a shooting and several people being hit by vehicles in north Charlotte Monday. Police say that over 100 rounds were fired into a crowd of around 400 people.

And now a person on Twitter claiming to be an eyewitness claims that the shooters were Caucasian. All of the victims and most of the partygoers were Black.

Officials identified the two people killed as 29-year-old Kelly Miller, 28-year-old Christopher Antonio Gleaton, 39-year-old Jamaa Keon Cassell, and 31-year-old Dairyon Dejean Stevenson all died from the shooting.

According to MTO, Charlotte police said they were initially called to the area after hearing a pedestrian may have been hit. Officers arrived to find hundreds of people in the streets as shots went off.

“It was a very, very chaotic scene,” police told local media. “We’re talking about 400 people in one spot, not one witness, not one,” police said, calling it “very disappointing.”

Here is another video from shortly after the shooting:

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