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Wendy Williams Shames Future & His New Baby Mama Eliza Reign



Wendy Williams Blasts Future & His Newest Baby Mama Eliza Reign 

Wendy Williams Blasts Future & His Newest Baby Mama Eliza Reign

Future has apparently done all he could to silence Eliza Reign. He’s previously sued her of emotional distress and invasion of privacy. He claims her actions “constitute a shameful and outrageous invasion” of his right to privacy.

The rapper recently claimed that his now confirmed baby mama Eliza Reign, has turned his world upside down after dragging him into a legal battle to seek child support and a DNA test.

Earlier this week, we reported that the results came back in the legal battle between Future Eliza Reign, confirming that he is the father of her baby. Eliza Reign is officially now Future’s 7th baby mama and Wendy Williams is now proud of the two.

Popular talk show host, Wendy Williams, has reacted to the outcome of the DNA test. “I say he’s pathetic and so are you if you dare lay down with this man. You think nothing of yourself. I’m talking about Future,” she said.

“And they say he’s worth $40 million dollars, so what?! Eight kids, the DNA test is confirmed,” Wendy continued before humiliating his newest baby mama for having a “Check Baby”.

“Check baby? That’s pretty pathetic of her. Come on! And she wants child support. $53,000 a month for one child. That’s a lot of money,” she added. “It’s just a horrible story all around. Future, you need to tie it in a knot although I guarantee you, this time next year he’ll have two more kids.”

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