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Queen Naija Gets Butt Augmentation ‘Adjusted’ In Graphic Video



Queen Naija Gets Butt Surgery Adjustment In Graphic Video 

Queen Naija Gets Butt Surgery Adjustment In Graphic Video

About a month ago, R&B singer Queen Naija, took to social media to beg her followers to help her find her child after her ex-husband and CJ’s father, Chris Sails, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

Fortunately for her, she found her missing five year old son CJ hours after she announced that he’s missing.

“I would never post anything like this for attention,” she clarified. “I posted that on my story out of fear after receiving a call from someone in the social services department.”


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And she’s going viral today after getting her butt augmentation adjusted. After the singer and gave birth last year, she had a tummy tuck and butt augmentation and her new body doesn’t look like that of someone who just gave birth.

Apparently, she had to go back to the doctors yesterday and get her butt augmentation adjusted, to make sure that no lumps were forming in her newly purchased booty.

See the video below of what she had to go through, to maintain her newly purchased assets :

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