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Ludacris: “I Love R Kelly But Around My Daughters, I’m Not Comfortable”

Peter Dredd



Ludacris Shouts Out R Kelly On Versuz And Fans Are Pissed 

Ludacris Shouts Out R Kelly On New Song During Versuz & Fans Are Pissed

Instagram live battle has been keeping us entertained amid the Coronavirus lockdown and it has been a great experience ever since. Ludacris and Nelly went at it last night and it’s since been the talk of the town.

The two great artists from the 2000s entertained fans during the Versuz battle, playing the best songs from their catalogues.

Things quickly went awry when Nelly’s Wi-Fi began having issues and it immediately became a subject of mockery on twitter with memes flying around.

At a time during the battle, Ludacris  also had his awkward moment when he premiered his new song where he shout out at R Kelly and fans were kinda pissed with it. “I love R Kelly but around my daughters I’m not comfortable,” Ludacris rapped.

Folks on twitter have since been reacting to the shout out and they’re not quite impressed. “Nelly won tonight off the strength of Ludacris shouting out out R. Kelly not once, not twice, but three times in a 10 minute window. I don’t make the rules,” a twitter user wrote.

“What made Ludacris give R Kelly a shoutout on a song in the year 2020?” another asked.

See some reactions below :

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