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Lil Baby Quits Doing Features “Unless It’s Worth It”



Lil Baby Says He's No More Doing Features 

Lil Baby Says He’s No More Doing Features

Lil Baby is clearly having a great year, clocking in his first-ever #1 album with “My Turn”. Today, he made appearances on new songs with Future and Polo G for their albums. And now, he’s taking a break from features.

Last month, Lil Baby made a shocking request from his label ‘Quality Control’, telling them to run him $5 million before he quits music and returns to the streets.

The rapper later revealed that he was only joking about the request. @qcmceo_p tell this people it was a joke.. How many 5ms we done ran up.. Ohhh okkk,” he wrote on his instagram story. And maybe his new declaration of no more features will be for stunt or maybe not.

Lil Baby Says He's No More Doing Features 

Lil Baby took to twitter to announce that he would no longer be working on other people’s songs unless he gets a major payday.

“Ain doing no more features unless it’s worth it, i got tooo many,” wrote the Atlanta rapper.

Apparently, the platinum selling rapper no longer needs to rely on other artists to get his own bag, Lil Baby is comfortable cooling off a little when it comes to feature verses.

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