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Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa Inherits $200 Million In BodyArmour Deal



Vanessa Bryant Inherits Kobe Bryant's BodyAmour Stake Worth $200 Million 

Vanessa Bryant Inherits Kobe Bryant’s BodyAmour Stake Worth $200 Million

Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa Bryant, just got $200 million richer according to reports reaching us. The late NBA star’s wife just inherited her deceased husband’s stake in the sports drink company Bodyarmor.

It was shared that, Kobe Bryant bought the interest for $5 million in 2013. And the value of his investment has now skyrocketed.

At the time of Kobe’s death, he was the fourth-largest shareholder in the company, which is set to surpass $1B in retail revenue for the first time this year. Kobe first invested in Bodyarmor in March 2013, paying $5million to get a 10 percent share of the company.

Vanessa Bryant Inherits Kobe Bryant's BodyAmour Stake Worth $200 Million

The beverage company was cofounded by Smartwater mogul Mike Repole and Fuze Beverage brains Lance Collins and was aiming to make inroads in a market dominated by Gatorade.

Kobe became an important brand ambassador, and eventually got a seat on the company’s board of directors and overseeing its advertising campaigns.

In 2018, the Coca Cola company purchased a minority stake in Bodyarmor in a deal that valued the company at $2billion, making Bryant’s share worth at least $200 million.

This $200M is separate from the $600M of Kobe’s other fortune that Vanessa already inherited. When it’s all said and done, she may be a billionaire.


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