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“Kendrick Lamar & J Cole Album Might Still Happen” TDE Punch Says

Peter Dredd



TDE President Retracts "Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole Album Might Still Happen"

TDE President Retracts “Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole Album Might Still Happen”

TDE president killed fans hope of getting a collaborative project from Kendrick Lamar and J Cole earlier on when he revealed that he might put all of the records he’s released over the years onto streaming platforms.

A fan then demanded Kendrick. “What you do want with him?” Punch replied the fan.

The fan then asked for a three-track EP with J Cole which Punch immediately shut down. “That’s not happening. 0 tracks. Not happening,” wrote the executive on Twitter.

But fans were outraged and the internet went crazy as they’ve been expecting the project for years. Punch then back-pedaled a touch and is now claiming that there is still a chance that it will arrive one day.

“Nah I don’t know. It might still happen. I want it to happen,” he tweeted last night. “Y’all really want that album still??? Like for real? I think it would great for hip hop. I did my part though. I spoke to both of them. Hit them n***as!”

Nevertheless, if the fans push hard enough with Kendrick and Cole, they might finally concur and do it for the culture.


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