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Fat Joe On Battling Em: “I Don’t Think Anyone Can F-ck With Eminem”



Fat Joe Doesn't Think Anyone Can Go Up Against Eminem On "Verzuz"

Fat Joe Doesn’t Think Anyone Can Go Up Against Eminem On “Verzuz”

The ‘Versuz’ battle on instagram live is getting more intense by the day as GOATs are beginning to clash with each other, bringing the heat on the’ Hit For Hit’ battle. But Fat Joe believes there’s a rapper others can’t just ef with.

We reported earlier that DMX fired subliminal shots at Eminem when asked if he’ll battle t it. I’d rather go for, you know, my arch-nemthe Detroit rapper on Versuz. “What about Em? Em don’t want it,” laughs X.

But it appears, Fat Joe has a different perception about the whole thing, the iconic rapper doesn’t think that Eminem can be touched, and he told Noreaga just that on a recent episode of Drink Champs.

Fat Joe Doesn't Think Anyone Can Go Up Against Eminem On "Verzuz"

“I don’t know who wanna battle Eminem,” Fat Joe said balantly. “I don’t think nobody can f*ck with Eminem. Nobody.” N.O.R.E. then assert that he believed DMX and Eminem “have the same crowd,” but Fat Joe still wasn’t convinced.

DMX got the biggest hits in the world, one of the greatest rappers of all time. Legendary, iconic, superhero, and everything I’m saying is understating him, he’s bigger than that,” Joe praised. “But there’s something about that white boy and his fans. Nah, bro. You want to see something cracking the internet? That n*gga David Koresh, n*gga. That n*gga different, bro!”

“Eminem was hot when we came out,” Fat Joe continued, adding that some of his fans are in their mid-forties as they’ve followed Eminem’s career from the beginning.  “These white people teach their kids that are 10-years-old that Eminem’s the greatest. You go to the airports and 10-year-olds are playing his sh*t like 45-year-olds.”

He added, “Like it just came out right now. There’s a big difference with his boy….When you say generational wealth, they keep teaching their kids that he’s the man to the ultimate science.”  Watch the video below (at the 20 minutes mark) :

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