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Donald Trump Slams Joe Biden On Snapchat With T.I’s Track – Video



Snapchat Video Of Trump Shading Joe Biden With T.I's "Whatever You Like" 

Snapchat Video Of Trump Shading Joe Biden With T.I’s “Whatever You Like” Song

Things are getting tense between Donald Trump and Joe Biden as the United States 2020 presidential elections draw closer. Campaign is still open for both parties in the course of one month before the election.

Trump’s recent attempt to drag Joe Biden might be the most hilarious one we’ve seen. The incumbent President took to Snapchat to shade his rival.

An edited video emerged on Donald Trump’s official Snapchat where he uses a classic T.I track to shade Joe Biden. With an image of Joe Biden providing the visuals, Trump’s social media team skewered the bars.

Snapchat Video Of Trump Shading Joe Biden With T.I's "Whatever You Like" Song

“I want yo’ body/ Need yo’ body/ As long as you have me you won’t need nobody” and interpreted it as “I don’t want Joe Biden, need Joe Biden/ Long as you have me, you won’t need Joe Biden.”

Funny enough, rapper T.I has publicly expressed his disdain for Donald Trump multiple times, the choice of using his hit track to drag his opponent might not go down well with Tip.

There’s a high probability that T.I will respond to the Snapchat clip. But in the meantime, watch the trending video below :


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#PressPlay: Meanwhile, over there on #DonaldTrump’s official Snapchat!! #JoeBiden

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