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Doja Cat Loses Followers After Videos With Racist White People Surface

Peter Dredd



Doja Cat Loses 100K Followers In One Day For Being Racist 

Doja Cat Loses 100K Followers In One Day For Being Racist

Doja Cat is undeniably the buzzing face of the female rap game, her hit song ‘Say So’ is doing great numbers and has earned Doja her first-ever Top 10 record on the charts.

Fans weren’t impressed when she seemingly tricked them into streaming “Say So” remix to reach #1. She later admitted that she lied about the promise.

But yesterday, Doja Cat trended all day and it wasn’t for something good. #DojaCatIsOverParty was the viral tag on twitter after new videos shows that she’s been active on TinyChat groups in her free time with racist White people.

According to people who have watched the singer in these chat rooms, Doja has formed online friendships with people who are reportedly known to be alt-righters, racist, and “incels”.

Then clips of Doja Cat in these chats began to circulate, and it didn’t take long for some of her old tweets to resurface where she allegedly made bigoted remarks.

Well, DJ Akademiks recently shared that the buzzing female rapper has lost over 100K followers after the videos surfaced online.

The move to cancel Doja Cat is becoming real and if care is not taken, this might be the beginning of the end of her career.

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