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DMX Says “Eminem Don’t Want It” With Him – Would Rather Go For Jay Z



DMX Claims "Eminem Don't Want It" With Him

DMX Claims “Eminem Don’t Want It” With Him – Shots Fired

Since the beginning of the Timbaland and Swizz Beatz ‘Versuz’ battle on Instagram live, artists have been going at one another, keeping fans entertained amid the Coronavirus quarantine.

DMX is currently bringing the heat with his level of confidence and bid to slay the so called GOATs. And he’s just fired straight shots at Eminem.

Couple of weeks back, DMX revealed that if he was to battle anyone on IG live, it would be no other one but Jay Z. When asked about who he’d want to go up against song-for-song. Although there are many of his contemporaries that would be fitting for the duel, X is clearly aiming for the top.

DMX Claims "Eminem Don't Want It" With Him - Shots Fired 

“Jay,” DMX replied after NORE and DJ EFN asked who he’d think a fitting opponent would be. Both NORE and EFN were stunned at the response at the time.

Apparently, X is not ready to go with anyone else and not even Eminem, whom according to him, is not up to the task. “What about Em? Em don’t want it,” laughs X. “Em don’t want it. I’d rather go for, you know, my arch-nemesis [Jay-Z]. He don’t gotta come outside, n***a, it’s in the house!

You saying he don’t want to face me and play some records?” Swizz said, remarking that it’s a celebration, furthering X’s logic. . “We celebrating music, and he got some hits too. He can play ‘Money Cash Hoes,’ I can play ‘Money Cash Hoes.’ Make it happen.”

Watch the video below :

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