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Blueface’s Baby Mama Smashes His Glass Doors & Windows In Viral Video



Blueface's Baby Mama Caught Bashing His Home With Shovel In Front Of Their Son

Blueface’s Baby Mama Caught Bashing His Home With Shovel In Front Of Their Son

Rapper Blueface was all over the news about a month ago when female vixens were seen fighting and snatching each other’s wigs during his home video shoot. And now it’s his baby mama causing the havoc.

During his home video shoot mid Coronavirus quarantine, some of the ladies were still dancing for the camera, others were throwing punches and pulling each other’s hair.

The brawl quickly moved from room to room, and at one point, one of the girls even snatched another girl’s wig right off her head. The rapper caught it all on tape and went on to post it on his IG story. Well, he did the same when his baby mama broke into his home.


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#Blueface posts his BM drama all over his Instagram story 🤦‍♀️

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Blueface recorded the woman, circling his home, hitting his glass doors and windows with a shovel and yelling at the top of her lungs.

Blueface appears to take it all in his stride, asking his son, “what’s wrong with your mommy?” as the confused child looks on, also asking what happened. “I got some good dick, on Crip,” he can be heard saying off-camera right before she succeeds in smashing one of his glass windows. “Damn, I got some good dick.”

She later posted to her Instagram Story claiming that she did get inside his home. “Niggas lick a**hole and when b*tches do the pull up they run upstairs with a scary b*tch,” she wrote.

“But we don’t get to see the video of when a b*tch got inside. Do we babe?” she asked.


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#Blueface’s baby mama #JaidynAlexxis speaks out after he shared a video of her confronting him (SWIPE)

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