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Billboard Explains Nicki Minaj Missing ‘Say So’ #1 Credit

Peter Dredd



Billboard Didn't Delist Nicki Minaj #1 Because Of 6ix9ine Collaboration - Here's Why 

Billboard Didn’t Delist Nicki Minaj #1 Credit Because Of 6ix9ine Collaboration – Here’s Why

There are rumors swirling around that Billboard delisted Nicki Minaj’s #1 credit for ‘Say So’ remix because she’s filming a video with Tekashi 6ix9ine who has been embroiled in heated feud with Billboard.

Billboard inexplicably removed Nicki Minaj from the credits of her hit remix on Doja Cat’s “Say So”, and they’ve finally explained why.

Nicki’s Remix to “Say So” clinched the number one spot on Billboard charts as soon as it was released to the public. But yesterday, Billboard uncredited Nicki, and now they are claiming that only Doja Cat should get credit for the recording.


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6ix9ine earlier blasted Billboard for allegedly manipulating the charts in favor of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber after “GOOBA” failed to debut at number one on the chart. They’ve now debunked claims that Nicki’s credit was removed because of her new collaboration with Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Billboard explained that the removal of Nicki’s name is simply due to the fact that it is actually the original version of “Say So” which is driving the majority of its success and streaming numbers. This does not mean Nicki lost her #1– she still has that credit, but now, it’s the OG “Say So” taking the cake.

“After two weeks of Minaj showing as a featured artist on ‘Say So’ on the Hot 100 and other charts that utilize the same methodology, only Doja Cat is now listed, as the original version, without Minaj, is now driving the majority of overall activity for the song.”

“The change does not affect any of Minaj’s achievements on those charts the past two weeks, and she continues not to be credited on the song on any airplay charts, as the vast majority of the song’s airplay is still for the original version.”


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